Public Employees Roundtable
PO Box 75248
Washington, DC 20013-5248
P: 202.314.3536
F: 202.314.3539
E: [email protected]

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What's New

The Roundtable Has Moved!!

In partnership with the Graduate School, USDA, the Roundtable has moved its offices. Check out the announcement for our new contact information.

Support Public Service

Check out the new Roundtable Contribucheck program.

On-line Store Now Available!

The Roundtable website now has an on-line store where celebrants around the country can purchase products specifically designed to recognize public service.

Public Service Recognition Week

Celebrate Public Service

Find out how you can celebrate public service.

Mall Event 2004 a Hit!

Find out what happened at this year's Mall Event celebration.

President Bush Sends Thanks

Click here to view a statement of support for the 2004 celebration of Public Service Recognition Week.